23 march 12

  • New skin with better text width!

11 march 12

  • Site was dead for last 2 years, however I want to revive it! Currently I want to:
    • Update code so that it can work with python 2.7 Done!
    • Put all code in version control system (so downloading it and playing with specific version will be a lot easier) Done!
  • Events tutorial now should be bug free, and easier to understand.

12 may 10

  • Changed appearence. Hope you like it. You can express your ideas here

4 may 10

  • Updated code formatting. No I'll use PEP8 recommendations.
  • Site is now running one year :) and as my google analytics say it has more than 1 200 unique visits per month!!
  • I've decided to allow editing for wikidot users.

25 may 09

  • Added PyGame.sprite module (now it describe all classes in this module)
  • Divided PyGame.sprite into 2 chapters

18 may 09

  • Added PyGame.sprite module.

12 may 09

  • Added PyGame.transform module.

11 may 09

  • Added PyGame.draw module to my book.

7 may 09 year

  • Now you can use new Forum and can comments each tutorials. Enjoy.
  • Added PyGame.Surface module to my book.
  • Lunched News section.