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What PyGame is?

PyGame is Python extension of great C library for games - SDL. Its provide almost everything you will need to program games from simple tetris-like to Civilization 4 or 3D shooters. It can manage 2D graphic, music, input, fonts, collision detection, 3D graphic (together with OpenGL!), Joystick, movies and much much more.

PyGame was meant to be simple and powerful as SDL is. But it is a bit better than SDL because it also takes advantage of Python programing language, and build some useful features on top of SDL.

What Python is?

Python is easy, powerful scriptable language which change the way programmers can develop their programs.

How much Python do you need to know?

This tutorial will not teach you Python programming language.
For such materials look at our links page.

On the other hand Python is such simple language that you can go along as long as you know any programming language! Just remember that indentation is important in Python.

New to game programming?

Don't worry there always must be the first time. I've started too. Python is a good language to start game programing with. And with PyGame you will learn that game programing is demanding and fascinating. And possible to overcome first troubles and amount of knowledge to study.

Whats new?

All tutorials seen some minor improvements. Now they all work on Python 2.7.
Also you can find whole source code for this tutorial hosted on bitbucket.org!

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